Monday, September 19, 2011

29 years young..hehe

Yesterday im officially 29yo in gregorian calendar..hehe hijrian calendar much much older..

Thanks to all wishes..hehe my parents were the first wishing me.. On 180911 00:01.. Yes i was born in between last 17th and early 18th.. My parents wish me to be bless here and hereafter and insyallah granted with lovely kids someday with His will..* nanges!*

Then bundle wishes from frens, cousins here and there, brothers and sisters..hehe thanks to smarthphone, i could reply the fb wish on the go..

Last but not least definitely from my love who *macam ingat tak ingat, lepas tu i nanges* giving me those insipiring notes and lovely card..

At first he wanted to treat me a pair of heels, tp wife mata dah bengkak refuse by saying heels are not good for our backbones..hehe

Thanks everyone..thanks for the du'a.. I pray the good wishes for all of you to..

My husband wish me ; fastabiqul khairat :-)

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DrSinga said... Reply to comment

nak wish 'fastabiqul khairat' gak ...

( apo makna nyo tu... )

Happy Besday yang!!

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment


berlumba lumba mngejar kebaikan..* nnt kita tny loyer balik hehe..

Tq2..mmuahh balik..:-)

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Terima kasih banyak untuk menulis ini, itu luar biasa informatif dan menceritakan ton