Monday, March 12, 2012

Mactweet : Celebrations

It's been a while i'm hibernating from posting an entry for mactweet.. But since this month is a several celebrations month for me and family, i'm posting this for mactweet..

The celebration start with my mum's 56th birthday on 2nd March. Followed by my wedding anniversary for a second year on 6th March and today is my dad's birthday on 12th March.

For my parents bday celeration i made a medium size cake with maple syrup cherse frosting and i used the leftover of the frosting and dark choc  ganache to create a burger look a like macaron as another sweet things to cheer up the celebration...

To all macaron designers, let's MACTWEET

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Jamie said... Reply to comment

I love the burger macarons! I love the cake, too! So happy you baked with us this month for mactweets and such perfect macs, too. LOL too cute - and gives me great ideas, too.

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

Thanks Jamie...i baked a lot several days ago coz i made some mac for my cousins engagement... Hihi really hope the spirit to bake macarons alwaus high up high...hihihi

thanks for your kind visit.

Lora said... Reply to comment

How cute are there? Love them.

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

@Lora Thanks Lora... Lets have fun joining macweet...

Jill Colonna said... Reply to comment

Love your macs - so much fun and perfect for party time! Fabulous.

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

@Jill Colonna
Thanks Jill, im feel honored you drop by and review my macs.. I refer your book whenever some days they turn wrong... I need more practice since i made by self learning and of cos helped by net n books... Keep macaronivore to you too...:)

HI Cookery said... Reply to comment

Very cute macburgers! May your family have many happy celebrations this month!

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

@HI Cookery Thank you for your kind wishes... Im kinda bit excited with this mactweet...hihi

Deeba PAB said... Reply to comment

Congratulations on so many events in one month. What a beautiful and delicious way to celebrate. I ♥ your burger macarons. What fun! {BTW, our wedding anniversary is also the 6th of March, so I am sharing your celebration!}
Thank you for joining us at Mactweets Fazya.

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

@Deeba PAB Thank you Deeba...happy anniversary to you too.. I love to join every mcattack but then baking macaron need some sort of modjo...hihi sometimes my modjo doesnt work...hihihi

Thank you for visiting me...:)