Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is it worth hating this people????

I can remember when this people came in our place.. at first we also thot this person kinda good2 one, could help us while we are in trouble facing the superior..

As time goes, this person doesn't help at all... one thing he loves to do is commenting n editing spelling ended dengan perasan bagus...Do you think with your do no where accent tu dah bagus sgt... [i still remember how this person commenting on my spelling of OGOS in malay was totally wrong..babiGOS maybe rite heh????)

Since that incident i start hating this creature until after sometime the big boss give some tazkirah saying not putting hate feeling in heart to people around us.. just ignore anything rubbish disturbing the pureness of our 1st i try to think positive about this person...but then seem impossible..this person is definitely irritating even a hair also want away from this person...haha...[not only me, but I think this person irritates everyone okeh]

p/s: macam jahat tapi mmg sy berasa jengkel……………………….