Monday, January 4, 2010

means, plans & hopes

Now is the 4th day of 2010..
Hopefully not to late to update the new year entry..:p

2010 new year means
almost 11 months im involved chocolating
almost 10 months i become his fiance
almost 4 months i turned to 27YO...

2010 plans
in 1 month more im completed a year of chocolating
in ___ months more i'll tied a knot with him..:)
in 9 months more i'll turned to 28YO

2010 hopes
every planned goes smoothly and always bless
we could adapt to each other as ____ & _____
we will change our status not only once but twice *wink..wink..

to frens.. happy new years.. may life full with bliss and bless..

To lover, counting days and time... hopefully we will meant together here and hereafter..
i ♥ u

3 comments: said... Reply to comment

and its about a decade we become a friend..:)

I do thank you for being a friend to me in so many meaningful ways.
and thank you for saying what I've needed to hear sometimes,
instead of what I've wanted to hear.

I cant express the whole bundle of thanks in these small comment box.
but i just wanna u know u are always hv my prayers in whatever u do and decide.

to ur fiance..,pliss and pliss make 2010 such a great beginning year to her..heeeeeeeeeeeee:))

hv a great year then...

Masayu Ahmad said... Reply to comment

salam nisa

semoga tahun hijrah n masihi yag baru memberi ruang utk sukses dan kejayaan

nanti jangan lupa join n war2kan contest 2010 kak mas ye

Psyche said... Reply to comment

May all your plans come true! =)