Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hibernating day

I lack of sleep for past several days.. completing all those choc orders.. Alhamdulillah i managed to do it...

Yesterday im handling a choc class for Kak Wan, then petang2, went to full of temptation nite market , Pasar Malam Section 16 /Fasa 1...

So i took oppotunity on Sunday to rest, qada' sleep and watch TV...huhu..oh ya online too..hehe... oleh kerana tahap kemalasan nak kuar rumah [saya bukan pemalas oke, tapi saya tak kuasa nak bercantik2 nak kuar umah semata-mata nak beli sebungkus nasi...huuuuu] so saya layan ajelah ape adanya di rumah...
Chicken Spagetti Olio

1 part of chicken breast (sliced it)
4 pcs of garlic (chopped)
1 onion (sliced)
2 chilies (chopped)
3 spoon oil
a pinch of salt

How gonna make it??
  • boiled the spaghetti and tossed the water..Let it dry n cool for a while..
  • saute garlics, onion, chicken.. Cooked until the chicken look well done.. Put some salt in it...
  • Add in chillies... Let all ingredient cooked well..
  • Put in the spaghetti...and then....
  • MAKAN!!!!!
It was the simplest food to cook in ur malas2 day... usually most of the people put in prawn, but then as said im cooking ape adanya aje di rumah, so i replaced it with chicken..hehe so frens, u may have a try to cook it..heee ^_^...