Saturday, October 17, 2009

who steal my contact lens??

Who is she?
She is a cat at warung.

Wat is her connection with us?
She is meowing us while we having a delicious nasi lemak.. [we can't wait for roti canai coz the q was so long...T_T]

Kedai makan at Teras Jernang (tak tau nama kedai)

Why im taking this pic?
Coz the cat has two different colors of her eyes... seem she lost a blue lens and have to wear yellow lens coz the blue one was finish or vice versa [complicated sunggoh].. anyway I guess it was genetic abnormality...Subhanallah, AllahuAkbar...

p/s:My dear Alfateh, i hope we could go to the kedai again n try their roti canai..nampak sedap sesangat...