Friday, October 30, 2009

Saying white people

Saying white people..haha its actually literal translation "cakap orang putih".. the rite one probabaly is talking in English lah... [lah is tu show im purely malaysian..huhu]

I wonder 1 thing about myself.. when i start blogging long long time ago, i used English as medium..and that time im hoping that thru blogging i could improve my English so it could proof to others that the result in SPM cert was lying to them.. [hoho my English result in SPM so bad huh]..

I start blogging in 2005..[using other blog provider, not this blogspot].. During that time i was working at ***tut** Scientific as product specialist..or easily know as marketing executive actually.. working in a small company where u were the only staff, instead being a marketing exec, i did coolie job too.. I am the receptionist, im the purchaser and also the cleaner.. quite pressuring while working there coz i need to ensure everything is done but at the same time i need to make money for company...huh...i feel so~so to remember the the experience there..and the only entertaintment i had for myself is the internet connection for me to communicate with company supplier from US and at the same time i misused the 'entertaintment' to write my feel in blog.... so that's y i think i could write blog in English very well that time...

As time running, job hopping in several places and now statically stuck here at DMC* [ not its real name].. the surrounding makes me feel very very comfortable to communicate in Malay... sometime talking crap which is very well to hear in Malay, made me decide "i sound silly when i speak English"..haha...

But recently i had an internal interview in cojunction to offer us [my frens and i] for permanent post in here [DMC* not real name]..i felt nervous when the interviewer asking me question in English...hoho i need to do something.. i need to sharpen back my English before to late.. eventho the offer actually won't excite me very much but i don't want to look silly in front of those interviewer...huhu...

So for the corrective action [ my office was infected with ISO fever], i'll need to train myself to post an entry in fully English once a while [better than never oke!!].. Its actually not only for this becoming interview, but i hope i manage to get much more interviews...huhu ^_^

So now i wanna start saying white people oke... :D

p/s: why people all say speak in English is 'cakap orang putih'.. there's a lot of Black also speak English...Beyonce not white anyway but she still speaks English... :p


Arfah said... Reply to comment

I love English. Masa sekolah dulu, memang suke kalau kena buat essay in English - esp kalau essay cerita. I thought it was amazing how one word has so many meaning and how other different words have the same meaning.

But I don't speak English as fluently as I hope I do. I speak quite slow (dalam otak dok pk, betul ke tak grammar ni).

And it's true, language is something you have to keep doing if you want to make it better. Saya pun dah lama tak cakap English ni. Muahahahha..

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

tu la pasal... writing maybe buleh but bila come to conversation, hoho lintang pukang..but sometimes when planned to start writing in english pun buleh jadi blur [skang ni tgh berlaku la ni...haha]

hopefully gud enuff to train next genration be very gud in various languages...[berangannnnn!!!]

Arfah said... Reply to comment

Insyallah.. Boleh.. the thing about teaching others is, we also learn new things kan?

Good Luck!

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

definitely Insyaallah Lana could inherite ur good trait in English...

Later on just plan for other languages classes.. Arabic or french or Swahili...hehe ♫♫