Friday, December 18, 2009

The Corby most likely like ME !!

When i review all my pics most of the outfit i have [definitely i like!!] looks like Samsung Corby color.. All the Corby turned the proverb "an apple in my eyes' to THE CORBY IN MY EYES... Hehe very hard for me to choose which Corby color that i really want...Frankly said i want the vibrant Jamaican Yellow, also love to get the full of Cupid Pink, also also feel happy if i own the Festive Orange and surely Minimal White makes me look MORE among the less..

Nuffnang would like to invite everyone to enjoy the cheerful day with Corby on Samsung Corby Carnival.. If you wanted to be a part of 75 selected person, hurry your pic and write some about Corby...gud lak fren.. ^_^

p/s: refer here for Corby contest