Monday, December 7, 2009


May be it's a day late but in my heart everyday is the day..

Your ♥ is the most important thing in my life..
When im with you, past and future will loose all meaning, as the PRESENT with you is truly GIFT...
Thank you for all you are..
You are my ♥, my companion, my friend..
I'll always ♥ u

Let me sing a ♫♫♪♪ for you (type anyway..)

Allah selamatkan kamu...
Allah selamatkan kamu...
Allah selamatkan Ahmad Zulkifli...
Allah selamatkan kamu.....
*moga kita berdua dipelihara Allah :)


p/s : my dear [outing to tabung haji] fren, Aidatul a.k.a KGKG safely delivered a 2.78kg baby girl on 8.54pm 5th Dec 09 at Pantai Medical Centre..hehe since it's not same date with uncle Ahmad, auntie Juju bagi hadiah kecik je oke...:p


Nedrine said... Reply to comment

wah..anak kwn ko same besday dgn gue la..hee~~

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

hehe leh la aku suh dia letak nama Ned junior.. :p

Nedrine said... Reply to comment

hehe..tak perlu2..kang nnti sme perangai buruk cm aku da sush da..hehe..