Saturday, December 26, 2009

Say it pleasantly

Ideas of writing didn't 'tink' at the moment..
I want write but i found it may hurts..

You should thankful to Allah courtesy putting this kind feeling in my soul..
I don't feel worth talking to you..
I don't feel worth putting in heart on what you say..
Anyway i'm praying days and night i could far from you, around you as soon as i could...

I wish i could be as cynical as you are...
I wish i could be as sarcastic as you are
This is the pleasant way to say I HATE YOU....

-i felt sick acting like tray face-

* dear fren (hajar n elizsue) this is not update... ni entry menyampah untuk sampah..quality updates will coming soon... i miss reading you both dear...


Psyche said... Reply to comment

aaaa..semoga perasaan itu sudah pergi kini..Selamat Hari Isnin, Eton! Start anew ya!