Tuesday, June 10, 2008

blogging for photo

hehe continuing sitting in front of PC and write for another day..

I just surfin' to one blog which i saw in Qistina frenster page. Qistina is a fren of mine who luv camera very much... n she had a lot of fwen working with camera.. i think this fabulous fotographer also her fren named Anna-rina (i saw some articles in mags abt this phographer.. but cant deny her shot so luvly n sweet..pls click to see

suprisingly while keep surveying a blogs and site to find wedding photographer, terjumpa 1 site based in BP..the opis actually is nearby my house. so snang la sket.i have an alternative not to pay the accomodation kan?..hehe.(click to
I hope i could polish my touch life her and also several photographer which i always viewed their blogs and site... i could view the world thru the lenses... picture could tell u a thousand words.. hehe actually i also kena marah ngan my guru sbb always skip class... =p..
p/s: di atas adalah self potrait yang i luv to see.. like wat Qistina always said.. ' ciketon luv her own pics =P '... yes I AM!!!..* wink*