Monday, June 9, 2008

my second blog..

hyee.. i don't know wheter i supposed to have second blog or not...but its actually 1 way for me to expand my circle instead friendster circle to my lost long fren n maybe to find to fren...

I've been paid to sit in front of PC and ensure all the reports or proposals are done before meeting. And now one more thing instead of reports, i've to work on the company publication to all participants... (lately so many people interested to our project get overexpectation... we need this publication to clarify wat our research about..<--- moral of the story : don't ever heard to rumours..^_^)

Reports or proposals purpose:
While preparing a report, understanding wat inside the boss head is more important than wat is in ur head...hehe...must think outside the box if u have several superior and must satify each of them... (usually we called them as 'kurang kasih sayang'... nak perhatian kite la tu)
If come to proposals matters, 2 thinks which importants to be noted is satisfying the bosses and also subordinate welfare r being taken care of... The bosses expect we can define and ask the subordinate to work with the full force (maximise the working time and minimise the leisure time -> hit the targets) while the staff dah naik lemak being pampered already ( is it becoz we are always hard thinking takut diorang penat????) sometime this position making me feel we r in the position between 2 elephants...haha.. boss suka mengamuk and staff suka merungut...siot je..
Publications :
this is my main business now (starting from may).. at first they only want it printed on a A4 bothside..after several time showing the draft in the meeting (FYI we have weekly meeting usually with the directors, now we already have small BOSS but cant make any desicion. so total =3 bosses).. last meeting with the highest director, he suggesting several option of input to be alocated in the publication... but the small boss wanted all the option become compulsory.. now the publication (still in draft) become 8 pages instead of 2...haha hopefully i will get some ideas while posting in blogs...haha
Oh ya last week the government informed that petrol now is RM2.70 (incrreasing 78cent. last price was RM1.92).. Thank you to the MALAYSIAN GOVERNANT being so kind to us.. so now the expenses for petrol a month is increasing from RM200/month <-- this is before last wednesday) now at least must put a side RM300+ for petrol only... mujur keta tak mahal.. kalau keja samapai mati nak layan keta shj..
Now i've been thinking about side income becoz i don't feel i could survive with the Pegawai Sains salary...arrrggggghhhhh....O_o