Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i luv this stuff

No more bored time at home...

On 22/06/08 i made an investment to this stuff...(huhu RM100 kuar dikala duit paras hidung..gaji lum masuk lagi...:p)..

No more menggunakan harta pejabat...(all this while aku guna harta pejabat update blog...sori prof..hehe)

Pasni benda yang aku concerntrate nak adakan is self own notebook, DSLR or at least prosumer camera..Hehe aku bukan Mis Gadget, tapi i need technology to start my plan...But of course la instead all this stuff another thing to define is my lovestory..^_^
I hoping my plan goes smoothly dan flows..I do not know until when i could stand to work this environment of work...i quite tired do reporting n meeting..(i hate those 'ting' sound..hehe).. The only reason y i could manage those hard feeling is bcoz i have one headed (is it = sekepala???) frens..