Wednesday, July 9, 2008

why im writing a blog?

Hehe the question should be answered by myself..usually while im opening my blog i'll read the new post of my bloggers list (becoz its auto update)..
the thru their blogs, im seeking pautan2 (hehe actually i can't think how to use this word in rite english grammar..huhu)..

today and i think now onwards i should spend my nite to read elizsue blogs..It written nicely and it brings you to her childhood time which seem various colors n reminding you to ur schools..(its my school too actually)

type like this :

during the school time, u can't feel n taste the sweetness of that moment..but after ten years ++, reminding the memory seem cant be counted by million dollars..i could summarize eliza's blogs is the appreciation from her towards her good frenship..

THen i'll read azza blogs.. juz becoz im starting read her blog after she got pregnant, surely her content lately informative enuff to mum or mum to be (or wife to be to everyone not married yet including me)..

type like this :

Back to myself..yes i love not kind so istiqomah to wrote in diary (i've misplaced my diary already)...

( reason y im choosing blogging as my diary :
  1. no tendency of loosing, if i cant find it i may ask google my ID n password...hehe conventional diary cant do this..unless ikat handphone kat kulit diary, n if hilang miskol je ....^_^
  2. conventional diary can't attach pic..if u want to have pic u have to cut it out from old newspaper..^_^ alasan...
  3. i wanted to let everybody knows abt my mission.. i've been doing research upon myself.. if i do not share the resolution or any aim towards something with someone..azam tinggal azam ajelah.. if i wrote in diary no one could read it rite (kang kena maki : woi kurang ajar la baca diari org...hehe)
  4. last but not least, im so attach to surfing..i luv internet surfing...
huhu patutnya at this hour i should go to sleep...but since this two days we had a course at Bangi, heavenly i could wake up a lil bit late...syiokknya....


azzamoro said... Reply to comment

hehehe.. blog aku tak byk sgt information content.. tp byk merungut bile BABY NI NAK KUARRRRRRRR...huhu

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

hehe.. org tak jadi mak lagi cam aku tntu la kagum2 ngan info blog ko tu zah..

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

wahhh...ko baca blog aku yer...
x sangkanyer...huhu..thanks yer..skang ni tgh bz preparing for next mision (will be announce later in blog)..sgt penat utk surfing lama2..anyway, nt aku link kan blog ko kat page aku k?
hopefully masa azza dah admitted to hospital, kiter leh jumpa..kan kan??