Thursday, November 19, 2009

Buta : Blind

Oyen send back to Pet Clinic UPM, Ayah and Mama went berchenta throughout the day ... As mentioned yesterday, the beautiful Tu Mama kan je trailing like Mama's father worked so even follow father gi anta dokumen2 important to peguam2 other ... [Mama I intend to be lawyers?]

Kejap2 hot summer weather, then I ujan .. Mama haihhhh contact lens in the eye as not comfortable .. Finally, the contact lense Mama fell during ambik ablution [wahhhhh gratitude Alhamdulillah, but I have my fiancee who's OK ...].. Huhu abes prayers father asked gi eat, the way Mama kat eyes and blur the bright side .. kecik and the next big bersinar2 [Tu Mama beautiful eyes wear contact lenses Alluring tu kan] .. last had contact lenses also let go another side to avoid embarrassment tu regarded father right to point ngan Mama full love ... [alien to be my wife this ????]

Then father asked jalan2 eating jap ... Hose father was Mama MLS I berpimpinan hands [cancel ablution nnt .. hoho] follows his speed road .. But Mama jln lah accompanied kerabunan the samar2 tu bersungguh2 while father see a brown shirt ... if the father near sket Mama ckp,

"Err can not nnt u i anta balik umah ambik jap specs prior g tgk keta i.. Contact lens I fell, I do not see a drive" Mama beautiful persuade persuasion sent to his home ..
"Aloh tunan day to me, guane contact lens fell leh ni?" Father said [he tranung slang pun tak ckp, sajer wat je plus added]

p / s: I'm not allowed to go through LASIK .. I nak collect duit nak beli set AH Jewelry tu .. I will make sure my child nnti will supply enough carotene to not be like this ... haiihhhhhh ......

p/s sebenar2nya : saya main2 google translator [patutnya translate working instruction].. article asal