Friday, December 24, 2010

Sensory Test for our Homemade Marshmallows

One day (padahal hari2) i read Lioness' blog (rawrrrrr)... she talk about marshmallows... ya i love marshmallows, but since my mother forbid me to consume it due to halalness purpose... since that no more marshmallows..

Then i found one homemade marshmallows made by my hubby's auntie's fren..(berapa punya panjang daaa), but then i found it hardly to order from her.. since that no more marshmallows again...

But now not anymore!!! yeay, i could prepare marshmallow by my homemade, no preservative and most IMPORTANT is all the ingredients being used are certified HALAL by Jakim..

It's under R&D, we're now trying to improve the taste and the looks.. If your insists to be a one of our sensory judges, do leave the comment here and we'll prepare some for you.. the sample of marshmallows could be collected at HUKM (weekdays) & Dengkil (weekends)..

We only prepared it by request basis ya... Happy weekends u all..:)