Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank you ex-bos

Taking a time reading my old diary.. I feel wow to myself [ hoh perasan!!] coz most of the time i wrote in English..Dusty English u know [ read : berabuk ].. but now seem my English turn out like vegetable finely chopped on the chopping board...  [ hoi ape ni???]

The old diary was actively updated while i'm working in the small company at Shah Alam.. I could say im stressed there and  i don't like the job so much coz i felt i'm not into marketing..  since i'm the only coolie to that company ( other two person inside was the boss and his son), my another role was as a tea lady ...and in the same time i had to multitask myself as admin executive and also a purchaser..

Although the job was so stressful, the working environment there initiate me to put English as my mother tongue since i need to contact the distributor from UK almost quite scary at first, as time goes by i feel quite comfortable and confident... but i found out the English people won't laugh at you if you speak or write with little grammar error.. ...poorly Malaysian will ! :p
Hehe suddenly i think bad things ( my own feelings only) contributing to something good eh...:)... Thanks previous boss ..^_^

p/s: hopefully the bad things (again my own feel only) on the pre assesment turn to good output to me..hehe

p/s/s : good luck to our lab on getting ISO MS 15189 accreditation ^_^..


Psyche said... Reply to comment

Yeah! Congratulations on your success. hehe..

Bila dealing with english spoken foreigners, selalu dia akan komen, "your english is very good" (sambil rasa kembang2 kan) - maka jadi sedikit hairan, sebab kalau ikutkan, saya rasa, saya tidak fasih bercakap english. orang melayu memang cynical - cepat je dia perasan grammar orang salah. hahaha. (kadang2 saya tergolong dalam itu juga - tak sedar diri sket. ahhaha)