Monday, June 27, 2011

MacTweets #1 : Fruit which is very WTF!

I saw this badge in several macaron bakers blog.. Probably they've joining Mac Tweets monthly theme.. Hehe This time i feel i wanna join the challenge for fun..~What the fun!....lalala

The recent theme (according to MacTweets last entry) is  about fresh fruit.. For the time being, the macs that i prepared was not so adventures.. Maybe in future I need to allocate some times and budget exploring on mac shells and fillings..

I've try 3 type of meringue preparation ; French, Italian and Swiss. I personally quite comfortable using French technique because it doesn't require so much gadget.. and I'm sugar syrup phobic too..huuu)

For the filling, my 1st preference is chocolate ganache.. 2nd is chocolate ganache.. and 3rd is chocolate ganache..:p

Ok to cut the story short, for this theme i'm preparing ;

Dutch cocoa mac shell + dark choc ganache + strawberry slice

Ignore the existence of air pocket.. this macaron melting heavenly in mouth oke :)

p/s : this is one of solution to reduce the sweetness of macaron.. anyway as long as it is macaron, it should taste sweet aite?


RollerScrapper said... Reply to comment

ooh a strawberry slice, sounds divine!

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment


WTF err i mean what the fun.. it's truly devine.. :)

Deeba PAB said... Reply to comment

Thank you for joining the macaron fun Fazya ...great to have you over.

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

@Deeba PAB

thanks deeba, hehe probably will join more and more mac attacks after this..:)

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

It's great to see a newcomer to Mactweets. Chocolate macarons are always yummy--and the strawberry is a good balance to the sweetness. I haven't tried Swiss method. The Italian method stabilizes the meringue in our hot and humid kitchen. I like the simplicity of the French method. Hope to see more of your macarons in the future Mactweets challenges. :-)

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment


Hi dear, i've tried every method juz because my French method was disater one time ago.. but then i feel dealing with hot sugar syrup even worse..huhu.. swiss method is quite easy peasy, but i only try it once.. hehe

thanks dropping by.. keep in touch w u ya..:)