Monday, June 20, 2011

The rules to enjoy macaron

Follow this step to enjoy your macaron..
  • Buy a box macaron from Chocville..~lalalalalalalala
  • Be patient...Place in the fridge for at least overnite. Macaron will taste less sweet if the filling a bit harden.. Macaron should be kept in fridge most of the time unless u wanna eat it.. it's important to prolong their lifespan..
  • Once you feel wanna eat some, take out from the fridge, at let them sit outside for 1/2 and hour..
  • Within that waiting time, please trigger your taste buds and tell them they should start working!
  • The slightly bigger than 50cent should be eaten according to this three steps.
1. Observe the structure and enjoy the color of this ruffle edges burger like cookies.

2. Start a first bite.. taste the crunchiness of the outer part and gooeyness inside of the cookies and also taste the compatibility of the filling with the shell (cookies).

3. Rest of the bite, just follow your normal creature 'desire'..hehe

My next project (regarding macaron)
  1. Experimenting on flavored shell..
  2. Experimenting more on filling varieties..
  3. Sourcing out for labels and packing..
Ada sesiapa nak jadi vendor design and printing sticker untuk saya? (macam la aku offer bisnes juta2 kan..tapi ini soalan serius!)


Psyche said... Reply to comment

Ok, I nak propose Manager Kebon. Oh, wait, I, mengangkat diri I sebagai MANAGER Manager Kebon, amek job ini. hahahahahahah. Nanti I soh Manager Kebon bagi design pilihan kat you, yeh.

DrSinga said... Reply to comment


gua .. bukak kotak..
tak sempat bawak balik rumah..

salah eh??
kena oder lagi ni...

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

hahah etoooon

comel la ko rajin godek2 lukis macaroon pkai paint....haha .kamu osem lah!

hehhee kp,
insyallah yeh

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment


haha nnt leh kabo kat manager kebon yeh manager.. ahkak design cam tak cukup sifat je..lebih baik serahkan kepada yg pakar..

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment


sila baca rules bintik mula2 tu eh...haha

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

pit,ini serius tau (wpun ko baca ngan intonasi wonderpet)

bujal X said... Reply to comment

ada kaedah spesel rupanya~haha~

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment

@bujal X

art konon eh..

gadisBunga said... Reply to comment


oooo...ini rupanya cara makannya...

next round nak terai lah. :D

ciketon fazya said... Reply to comment


hehe secara mudahnya begitulah..errr nak lgi mudah takyah rules..hehe